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New programme stream: TOO HOT FOR DEVELOP

April 9, 2014

We noticed on Twitter that a lot of really interesting games people were saying their talks had been rejected from Develop, the big games conference in July. We figured we could do something about that so we’re announcing TOO HOT FOR DEVELOP, a programme-stream of talks that were simply too good for Brighton in July. We’re talking to people about what will be in it, and how to reformat a Develop talk for GameCamp because they’re very different gamey beasts, but expect an announcement of some of the talks shortly.

Our friends at Esdevium Games have come on board as sponsors for GameCamp 7, and they’re not only supplying prizes for the mini game jam but they’re also replenishing and updating the GC board-game library. We are hopelessly grateful to them for their support.

Also we’ll be putting up a list of general programme items (featured sessions, playtests and demos, the game jam, other events and the afterparty) in the next few days. Watch Twitter for further announcements, and get your friends to buy tickets.

Middle Bird tickets are live now!

March 29, 2014

Middle Bird tickets for GameCamp 7 are going live now! We’ve been beavering away at making this year’s event on Saturday 17th May more awesome. There’ll be a game jam, digital and tabletop games playtesting, lunch included in the ticket price, engaging unconference sessions, and more! See you there!


March 24, 2014

The Early Bird tickets sold out in less than eight hours, which is great for us but probably less good for you. The next tranche will go on sale via the Eventbrite site at 11am on Saturday 29th May– no, March! MARCH! Sorry.

Click here to go to the Eventbrite page for GameCamp 7.

One thing we’ve noticed is that if you’re reading Eventbrite on a mobile device, it may report things incorrectly—we’ve seen it get the number of available tickets wrong, and it’s also been spotted reporting that all ticket sales for GC7 have closed. If what you’re seeing seems odd, try again on a different device or with a different browser.

Tickets! Get yer GameCamp 7 tickets!

March 21, 2014

The first tranche of tickets for GameCamp 7 go on sale at 11.00 on Saturday 22nd March which is, as I type this, in twelve hours. Prices are up slightly but so are our costs, and if you genuinely think that £12 is a bit steep for an all-day event including free drinks and lunch then please by all means stay at home.

Eventbrite link to buy tickets
Lanyrd link to tell your mates you’re coming



March 19, 2014

Make sure your diary is free for May 17th 2014, keep this channel clear and watch for further announcements.

GameCamp 6 is history

May 26, 2013

Another GameCamp has passed, and there’s been a few people murmuring that it may have been the best one yet. It’s hard for us on the committee to tell because we’re so far inside the event that it’s difficult to see out (speaking personally I was able to attend one session over the day, and that was the one I ran), but it felt like a thoroughly good way to spend a Saturday. If you missed it, here’s what you missed:

  • More than sixty talks and demonstrations;
  • The chance to play Tenya Wanya Teens, the extraordinary new game by the creator of Katamari Damacy;
  • An amazing variety of game prototypes, playtests and demos from digital and tabletop designers, including a contingent from the London Educational Games meetup group (LEGup);
  • A session of Rob ‘Playniac’ Davis’s extraordinary Cat On Your Head that devolved into Elephant On Your Head;
  • Hundreds of playtest and demo sessions;
  • The ever-popular library of board-games;
  • Free ‘Gamify the Washing-Up!’ tea-towels for all

There’s a gallery of pics here. If you’ve posted any yourself, please link to them in the comments below.

GameCamp isn’t the sum of its parts, it’s the sum of its attendees. The committee get a lot of thanks but mostly we book a venue and make sure there’s coffee and lunch; you people provide the rest. Thank you all for making it so good.

Special thanks go to:

  • London South Bank University for the venue space
  • Our volunteers: Krishna Israney, Andrew Bell, Darren Grey
  • Haberdashery and Playniac for their fantastic sessions
  • Jo Summers for running the games library
  • All maps and graphics by Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson
  • Hello Coffee To Go for coming down from Stansted to sate our caffeine requirements
  • George Buckenham for bringing Tenya Wanya Teens
  • Princi’s for catering
  • The Ship pub for the after-event

The GameCamp 6 organisers were (alphabetical order): Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson, Erlend Grefsrud, Rob Harris, Siri Hommelsgard, Jeff Sheen, Jo Summers, Siobhan Thomas, Philip Trippenbach and your humble scribe James Wallis.

GameCamp will return, possibly in the autumn. If you’d like to be a part of the low-commitment affable crew of games folk who make it happen, or you have any suggestions for what we should do next, or you want to give us your thoughts on how the day went, then we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line, or post a comment below.

GameCamp 6: here are your instructions

May 17, 2013

Hello! GameCamp is on Saturday and we’re looking forward to seeing you. Here’s a few notes in advance:

The doors of the Keyworth Centre will open at 9.30, with the first sessions kicking off at 10.00. We’re finishing up at 4.30, after which everyone will be adjourning to the Ship, at 68 Borough Road.

Getting to LSBU: this website does a better job of giving you directions than we could. The Keyworth Centre is building 13 on the map. Closest tube is Elephant and Castle.

Food and drink: we will be providing lunch and soft drinks, and there’ll be a lovely coffee van on site.

If you want to give a talk or run a session—and it can be on anything at all relating to games—you write the details on a card (provided) and stick it in an empty slot on the big board to show what time and room it’ll be in. Slots are usually 25 minutes: you can book a double or triple slot if you really need to but don’t get greedy. Here’s the science bit: now fill out a second card with the name of your talk and its timeslot, and put it on the door of the room you’ll be using.

If you want to run a digital demo or playtest, many of the rooms have big TVs or projectors. However you’ll need to bring a VGA cable and audio cable, or a component-video cable to connect your device to it.

A gong will sound for the end of each session.

Hashtag for the day is #gamecamp6. Be warned: phone reception and 3G in the building can be sucky.

Board-game library: we’ve got the usual stock, of course, but if you want to lend us anything for the day (and board-game prototypers we are particularly looking at you) then please bring it along. We’d be really grateful.

If you have friends who want to come but who missed out on tickets, it’s £20 on the door. Don’t tell everyone or there won’t be enough lunch to go round.

Things we know will be happening: George Buckenham will be showing off Tenya Wanya Teens, the extraordinary game developed in collaboration with Keita Takahashi of Katamari Demancy fame. Haberdashery will be along with a range of clever and bonkers physical games to awaken the kid in you. Playniac will be running Cat On Your Head. Haberdashery will be showing off a range of their delightful games. James Wallis will be playtesting Once Upon a Time in a Galaxy, the latest iteration of the best-selling Once Upon a Time card-games. And you—what are you bringing to delight us?

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.


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