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The order of the day

May 7, 2010

A timetable and some reminders to all attendees.

DO come ready to talk. Remember, there are no spectators at GameCamp. Not everybody will get a chance to run a session, but everybody’s going to participate. The only way this is going to be awesome is if you bring your coolness and aren’t afraid to share it.

DON’T bring friends that aren’t already signed up. We’re full up, and fire regulations at the PayPal/Gumtree/eBay HQ are non-hackable. We’re sorry, but we can’t let in anyone who’s not on the list.

DON’T forget to charge your laptop/phone/iPad or other digital meta-brain. There will be wifi, and we’ll do our best to supply power points, but there will be a lot of us, so they’ll be in great demand. Fully charged batteries and low screen brightness are your friends.  If you have powerpoints, please bring along.

DO take the train – our venue contacts say the train from Waterloo to Richmond is quicker and better than the tube. See our directions page for details.

Here’s what the day will look like:

9:30 Breakfast, milling about (Provided by Unity 3D)
10:00 Kickoff, board goes live
10:30 Session 1
11:00 Session 2
11:30 Session 3
12:00 Lunch (Provided by Pizza Express)
13:00 Session 4
13:30 Session 5
14:00 Session 6
14:30 Break
15:00 Session 7
15:30 Session 8
16:00 Session 9
16:30 Wrap, Close
17:00 OK, you should be in the pub now.

See you there, campers!

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