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GameCamp 3: BoardGameCamp

August 24, 2010

GameCamp presents BoardGameCampPlay. Connect. Build.

Think board games are irrellevant in an age of HD console blockbusters? Think again. As part of the London Games Festival 2010, GameCamp invites you to BoardGameCamp, a day of crossover discussions, play and workshops that delve into the very heart of what makes a game good.

Behind the pixel shading, before the polygon count, underneath the cutscenes and the particle effects, good games begin with good game design. The first person to carve two lumps of bone into dice was inspired by the same principles that animate our first-person shooters and keep us coming back to our Facebook games. BoardGameCamp is a day to explore the ancient art of game design in all its forms.

BoardGameCamp welcomes game designers, players, artists, critics and experts from all sides of the gaming public. As before, there will be an unconference stream where you can talk about all aspects of gaming. But BoardGameCamp is about more than talk! On the day, you’ll have a chance to play a wide range of board games, from the tried and tested to the exotic and borderline insane. Come be inspired by forms of gameplay you might never have imagined before. There will be a library of games you can borrow and play on the day, and you’re welcome (indeed, encouraged!) to bring your own to play with new friends just as game-obsessed as you are. The more exotic and unusual the better!

Like the first two GameCamp events, this will also be a day to explore and discuss all aspects of gaming with open unconference-style discussions.

You’ll also have the chance to make your own games in a day-long design competition. We’ll provide the materials, you provide the teams and creativity.

BoardGameCamp will be held at Whittaker House, the headquarters of eBay, PayPal and in Richmond, London, on Saturday, October 9.

We’ll be releasing details of timing and tickets soon. In the meantime, you could follow GameCamp on Twitter for all the latest info.


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