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September 7, 2010

One of the features of BoardGameCamp will be the GameHack stream: a physical game-design challenge for teams of up to four people. Here’s a quick description of what’ll be happening with that and how you can take part.

You can register a team by sending your team name and the names of the members (who must all have BoardGameCamp tickets) to If you can’t find a team then show up on the day and we’ll match you with other waifs and strays to make a new group.

On The Day
GameHack kicks off at 10:00. All the teams will be given a brief for the game they have to design. This might be as simple as a one-word theme, or it might be something quite detailed. You will then have six hours to concept, design and build—and playtest, if you have time—a complete tabletop game that fits the brief. It may be a board-game, card-game, tiddlywinks variant, RPG, or some unholy hybrid that will boggle your cranium. We’ll provide paper, cardboard, pens, scissors, glue, dice, dobbers, meeple and anything else you may need.

You don’t have to spend all six hours working on your game. If you quickly come up with something you’re happy with, or feel like you’re flagging and need a break, then by all means head off to listen to a couple of talks and get in a game of Dixit.

At 16:00 you will be asked to step away from your games and go and do something else for a while. Volunteers will then playtest your design, while a panel of games experts watch and evaluate. Points will be added up, decisions will be made, and winners will be announced at the end of the day, just before everyone heads off to the pub.

There will be prizes.

The GameHack stream is organised by James Wallis. Contact him here to ask questions or register a team.

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