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Prize Surprise

September 20, 2010

A quick update on the GameHack stream, where teams will have six hours to concept, design, build and playtest a complete new game, based on a brief we’ll give them at the start of the day.

We can announce that Cadbury will be sponsoring GameHack, and is also providing the main prize. And as prizes go it’s incredible. I mean on the level of OMG WOW JAW ON FLOOR BRAGGING RIGHTS FOR A YEAR. It’s not your weight in chocolate, that would be cool but this is several orders of magnitude beyond cool.

I can’t tell you what it is because it’s tied closely to the brief we’ll be giving the teams on the day, but really this is an extraordinary thing. And of course it involves chocolate, but not in a way you’d imagine.

If you’re going to be at BoardGameCamp and have any interest at all in designing tabletop games then I urge you to register a team for GameHack by emailing me at the BGC address. If you don’t have a ticket for BGC then you should fight for one. There’s a waiting list for tickets here and your name should be on it.


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