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Programme of the Day

October 1, 2010

The day is almost upon us! Here’s a quick description of everything that’ll be happening at BoardGameCamp.


Talks are organised on the usual BarCamp system. There’s a big wall with a grid marked on it: the names of the different rooms down the side and the time-slots along the top. If you want to give a talk or have a discussion, write a brief description of it on one of the handy Post-It notes and stick it in a free slot. If you want to attend a talk, just pitch up at the allotted time. If you’re not enjoying a talk or you want to see what else is happening, then go ahead and leave—BarCamps are informal and nobody will mind.


Next to the Talks grid will be a second grid for games that people want to play. If you’re looking for players for a game (one you’ve brought along, perhaps, or one from the games library) then stick a Post-It in that time-slot saying what the game is, how many players it’s for, how long it’ll take, and where people should meet. If you see a Post-It for a game you’d like to play, write your name on the note, then turn up at that time and place.

We have to be out of the building by 18.30 so please don’t start an epic game of Diplomacy or Civilization at 17.45.

We’ve got a games-library for everyone to use, though we’ll need some proof of ID as a ‘library card’ while you’re borrowing an item. Drivers’ licenses or passports, please.


Anyone can register a team for the GameHack game-design competition, and you can even sign up for it on the day. But physical space is limited so we recommend you register your team in advance by emailing James .

GameHack starts at 10.00 with a briefing session, and the design phase stops at 16.00. We’ll need volunteers to playtest the new games from 16.00 to 17.00, then the jury will deliberate and the winner will be announced at the closing ceremony. You don’t have to spend all six hours working on your game.

Even if you’re not planning to enter, at least come along to the briefing session. It may change your mind.


Breakfast pastries will be provided for early-comers. Lunch will be arriving at 12:30. Coffee and a selection of drinks will be available all day.


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