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Games Library

October 7, 2010

We’re going to be running a games library next week at Board Game Camp, and have already got quite a large collection of board games pledged for you all to play. You can feel free to both come along and take games out for a while, and if you like also contribute games for the day, confident that they’ll be safe. There are just a few things you’ll need to know first.

Taking a game out

Lending your games to complete strangers is a little scary, and because we want to look after everyone’s games and make sure nothing goes missing, we will ask that you trade in a form of photo ID for the time you take the game out.

That’ll be kept safely in an index, clipped to a card showing which game was taken out. We promise that noone will do anything naughty with your data: no copies made, no passing it on, no access for anyone else, and you’ll get it straight back on returning the game.

Donating a game for the day

Not only will we be asking borrowers to deposit ID for game, but we’ll also be recording their weights with a set of absurdly accurate scales. Any games you’d like to put in will have a low tack label stuck on them designating you as the owner, and we’ll take down any details so we can contact you as well. Again, your contact details won’t be kept or passed on to anyone.

We promise to do our absolute best in looking after your games, and all we ask is that you take them back at the end of the day; we’re going to be carrying loads as it is!

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