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October 11, 2010

I failed to thank some important people in my final speech, so here’s another stab at a complete list of everyone who made Saturday happen so smoothly.

Our awesome sponsors: eBay/Paypal/Gumtree for the loan of the venue and the free drinks; Cadbury who sponsored the GameHack competition, providing not only a fantastic brief but a jaw-dropping prize; Esdevium Games who loaned us the core of the games library and who wanted us to mention; and the London Games Festival for letting us say that BoardGameCamp was part of the London Games Festival.

Our terrific GameHack competition judges: Simon Crowther from Cadbury, Chris Price from PHD, Graham Linehan of Delightful Industries and Andrew Sheerin of Terrorbull Games. (And me, James, but I was more of an organiser.)

The amazing GameHack entrants: too many to name. And the equally amazing  GameHack playtesters: equally too many to name. Really impressive work from everyone.

The game-library organisers Ross Fowkes and Jo Summers, who got through the day without a single card or dobber going missing.

People we paid but who still did a fantastic job: Dice & Games for the dice; Eventbrite who didn’t screw up this time; Pizza Al Rollo who provided lunch. The breakfast pastries came from a little patisserie called Tesco; the GameHack supplies from Viking Direct.

The BGC committee in alphabetical order: Desigan Chinniah; Steve Green; David Hayward; Jeff Sheen; Philip Trippenbach; and James Wallis.

Really, an exceptional day. Thank you all for coming.

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