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Board Game Camp Stats

October 19, 2010

As part of the library system at Board Game Camp, we entered every game into a spreadsheet as well as cataloguing them on index cards. That gave us a lot of stats we otherwise wouldn’t have had, and here they are mixed with  a few others.
133 people came to Board Game Camp, and among them were 13 teams competing in the GameHack, who submitted 12 games for the final judging.

Games and Lending:

Games lent to library: 96

Distributor Esdevium lent just over a quarter of the total games in the library, but the lions share came from visitors who were willing to entrust their games to our system of precision scales and index boxes.

Total times games were borrowed: 59

You kind of want every game to be borrowed at least once when you’re running a library, but I think if it were any smaller, it really wouldn’t have had such a good selection. Not everything will always be taken out, and some will be very popular, but such a selection means that probably anyone can find something they’ll like or want to try.


  • Heaviest game: War on Terror, 2.2Kg
  • 2nd heaviest: Agricola, 2.148Kg
  • 3rd heaviest: Last Night on Earth, 1.975Kg
  • Lightest game: Game Seeds, by Wormella, at 86.2 grams
  • Lightest published game: Fluxx, 136.6 grams
  • Total weight of board game library: 63.6207kg

That’s the weight of a small person!

Most popular games:

Dixit was the most popular game of the day, with the two library copies being borrowed a total of seven times, as well as being played in the pub later.
Tied for second place are Dominion and Zombie Fluxx at 4 uses each, and also tied for third are Last Night On Earth and Weinhandler, each being borrowed 3 times.

Some other things:

People tweeted with the hashtags #boardgamecamp and #bgcamp 297 times, and consumed 150 pizzas, 100 danishes, and an indeterminate number of cans of Dr. Pepper.
I think this is where I’m supposed to post that it will be back, bigger and better next year, but actually, it was a very good size this year. All the rooms felt busy, and we learned a fair bit from how the day ran. It might only be a little bigger, but we want to do it again and it’s sure to be even better. Thanks again for coming, and for trusting us with your games.

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  1. David permalink
    October 20, 2010 9:09 am

    (Whoops! Agricola and War On Terror were swapped in editing, sorry. Their weights were correct, just the placing was out).


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