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GameCamp Returns!

March 18, 2011

GameCamp 4 is GO! Like Thunderbirds! The date for your diary is Saturday 14 May 2011.

New Digs, New Party

And like Thunderbird 4, the underwater one, we’ve moved down the Thames to a new location,1 the Keyworth Centre at the heart of London South Bank University. Not only is it in Zone 1 and walking distance from Waterloo and London Bridge, but it’s twice the size of our last location. Gamecamp 4 will be as big as GameCamps 2 and 3 put together. Tell your friends… mostly tell them they might be able to get a ticket this time.

F A B!

Same Awesome Format

Games continue to grow in importance and effect on our society. Every year a new record in sales or reach is broken. Today’s young adults have never known a time when games weren’t as mass-media as TV or books. For good or for ill, we are a world of gamers. It’s time we thought about what this means.

GameCamp 4 brings us back to the dynamic and stimulating unconference format, like GameCamps 1 and 2. No prearranged talks, no guests, no keynote speakers, just a massive crowd of movers, shakers, thinkers and creators from all areas of the world of games and ready to discuss them.

Once again we’ll have break-out spaces, a library of modern and classic board-games for people to play, food and drink, and loads of other stuff going on.

The first tranche of tickets is now on sale via Eventbrite. If you don’t get one this time, don’t despair: there are two more tranches still be be released. We’re also holding some heavily discounted tickets for staff and students at LSBU, so if you qualify then drop us a line.

And we’re looking for sponsors, so if you have a promo budget that you need to spend before the end of the tax year (hint hint) then get in touch.

Twitter hashtag: #GC4

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the UK’s biggest gaming unconference ever.

(1 Like that bit in the Thunderbirds live-action movie where they… oh, you didn’t…? nor did anyone else.)

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