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‘I liked you better before you sold out’

May 10, 2011

Like it says right above this (assuming this is still the top post on the page, which it won’t be for long, so ah well) tickets for GameCamp 4 are now officially completely sold out.

However we’ve heard from a few people who won’t be able to make it now, so if you have tickets to buy or sell we suggest you get onto Twitter and use the hashtag #gc4 to hawk your extras or beg for spares.

Everything is looking EXTREMELY VERY GOOD for Saturday. Some people have been tweeting about the talks they want to give or hear, which sound great. And we’ve got a give-away that might be even cooler than the customised dice we were handing out at BoardGameCamp.

Doors open 9.30, and the board goes live at 10.00. One thing to note: though there’s a shop selling snacks and hot drinks on site, it won’t be open from the very start so you may want to get your teas and coffees on the way in.

See you on Saturday!

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