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GameCamp 5: last-minute updates

May 11, 2012

A quick note about tomorrow, mostly to do with catering. We’ve noticed that there’s a dearth of acceptable coffee places around Elephant and Castle, so our friends at Morgans Coffee will be sending one of their vans along on Saturday morning to serve fine cappuccinos, americanos, flat whites, and even teas and hot chocolates. This essential caffeine refuelling station will be parked outside the entrance to the Keyworth Centre: you can get your jet-fuel on the way in, or step out at any point to refuel.

Lunch will be supplied by the estimable Princi, who provided last year’s spread. Less foccacia this time, more salads, more selection for vegetarians. If you bring your own sandwiches you’re a mug.

Once again there will be a freebie on the door, with a game attached to it, and a prize at the end. Not Lego this time, sorry, but we think you’ll be entertained.

And when things wrap up at 4.30, we’ve arranged exclusive access to the LSBU Student Union Bar on Thomas Doyle Street. With tables large enough for gaming and beer at student prices, we think it’s the perfect way to finish off the day.

The hashtag for the event is #GC5.

See you tomorrow!

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