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New programme stream: TOO HOT FOR DEVELOP

April 9, 2014

We noticed on Twitter that a lot of really interesting games people were saying their talks had been rejected from Develop, the big games conference in July. We figured we could do something about that so we’re announcing TOO HOT FOR DEVELOP, a programme-stream of talks that were simply too good for Brighton in July. We’re talking to people about what will be in it, and how to reformat a Develop talk for GameCamp because they’re very different gamey beasts, but expect an announcement of some of the talks shortly.

Our friends at Esdevium Games have come on board as sponsors for GameCamp 7, and they’re not only supplying prizes for the mini game jam but they’re also replenishing and updating the GC board-game library. We are hopelessly grateful to them for their support.

Also we’ll be putting up a list of general programme items (featured sessions, playtests and demos, the game jam, other events and the afterparty) in the next few days. Watch Twitter for further announcements, and get your friends to buy tickets.

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