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Happy Campers

May 23, 2014

Last weekend was GameCamp 7, and if you were there then thank you for helping to make it what we reckon was the largest and possibly the best GameCamp yet.

There were panels and workshops and discussions and seminars. There were live games and board-games and card-games and prototypes and demonstrations. There were meet-ups and connections and networks. There was a fantastic lunch—more than 50% of the ticket price goes into providing food and drink, and we think it’s worth it. There was a session in the pub that lasted long into the night. And there was a cat on yer head.

We gave away Kinder Eggs to everyone who came, 238 of them in all, and challenged you to invent a game that would fit inside the plastic capsule inside each one. We got almost twenty brilliant entries, and it was a hard decision to choose a winner but ‘Save the Leif Ericson’ by Robert Wells, a design of giant yellow submarines and matchstick catapults that used every part of the Kinder Egg except the chocolate, finally triumphed. Our sponsor Esdevium Games donated a selection of classy board-games as prizes for all the winners.

Thanks go to everyone who helped to make it an exceptional day. Particular thanks go to the extraordinary barista Al from Monkshood Coffee, who only agreed to provide our hot drinks at 17.00 on Friday afternoon (Charlotte’s machine blew up and she couldn’t get spare parts in time); and to the BA (Hons) Game Cultures course at London South Bank University for their hospitality.

There’s a Flickr group for pictures from the day—if you have any then please add them, because we’d love to see them. And feel free to tag people and the games they’re playing, if you know them.

If you’ve got comments we’d love to hear them. We think GameCamp is getting better every time but we know there are still problems, and if you can help us work out how to fix them then we’d welcome your input.

GameCamp will return later this year as the one-off Trance Vibrator event, co-organised with JoyPadBar. More news soon.

[UPDATE: Since people without Flickr accounts can’t see the photos, Emmeline’s GameCamp 7 photos can be viewed here.]

140517 Mini Game Jam 2 small

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