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What is GameCamp?

GameCamp is an annual one-day celebration and discussion of all aspects of gaming, held in central London. It’s an opportunity to meet, discuss, play and experience the latest and coolest in the contemporary games scene, from AAAs and indies to retro, tabletop, larp, folk games, art-games and stuff that defies description. It’s an ‘unconference’, with no keynote speakers and only a few pre-arranged events. Anyone who wants to speak, or demo, or discuss can just turn up and use the Big Board to create a session – and people do, and they’re great.


Ludo, ergo sum. I play, therefore I am.

Games have become the most important medium in our civilization. They’ve grown to claim more of our time and more from our wallets than any other medium. Almost everyone under 30 years old games regularly – and most people over thirty do, too. The time is not so far off when no one will remember a world without ubiquitous video gaming.

Isn’t it time we talked about that world?

The GameCamp gatherings are for the people who are building that world. It’s for the designers, coders, artists, writers, thinkers and, above all, the players who are making the 21st century the century of the game. GameCamp is about more than making games: it’s about playing them, thinking about them and how they affect our lives for good or for ill.

Because like any medium, games can be used for good or for bad. But their power is undeniable.

Come and join us as we talk about how we should use that power.

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