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Past GameCamps


The first GameCamp event took place in May 2008. It was organised by Bobbie Johnson and Aleks Krotoski from The Guardian, plus Dan and Adrian Hon, Rachel Clarke and Dave Green. The audience was mostly invited, although a few tickets were made available to the public. The logo was designed by Chris Mac Morrison.

After a gap it became apparent that the Guardian wasn’t going to do another event, so a new committee came together to take over, and GameCamp 2 was held in May 2010. It was held at the eBay/Paypal building in Richmond and was organised by Rain Ashford, Desigan Chinniah, Rachel Clarke, Katy Lindemann, Mark Simpkins, Philip Trippenbach, and James Wallis, with the generous support of our many sponsors.

GameCamp 3 (‘BoardGameCamp’), in October 2010, was the third gathering in the GameCamp series and featured a day-long design competition. The organising team was Steve Green, David Hayward , Jeffrey Sheen , Philip Trippenbach, and James Wallis.

GameCamp 4 levelled up to a larger venue, the Keyworth Centre at London South Bank University, and doubled in size to 300 attendees. Thanks to David Hayward, Jeffrey Sheen, Siobhan Thomas, Philip Trippenbach and James Wallis for their efforts in organisation.

GameCamp 5 was held on 12th May 2012, back at London South Bank University. The organising committee was Rachel Clarke; Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson; Rob Harris; David Hayward; Siri Hommelsgård; Ian Millington; Jeffrey Sheen; Siobhan Thomas; Philip Trippenbach; and James Wallis

GameCamp 6 was on 18th May 2013, once again at London South Bank University. Its theme was ‘run what you brung’ and it included demonstrations and playtests of new games organised by LEGup and Playtest UK, as well as sessions from Haberdashery and a chance to play experimental games like Tenya Wanya Teens and Cat On Yer Head. The streamlined committee was Emmeline Pui Ling Dobson, Erlend Grefsrud, Rob Harris, Siri Hommelsgard, Jeff Sheen, Jo Summers, Siobhan Thomas, Philip Trippenbach and  James Wallis.

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