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History: BoardGameCamp format

BoardGameCamp takes off where GameCamp 2 left off. This time GameCamp invites you to a fun and imformal gathering where you can get up to your earlobes in good gameplay.

There will be three streams: Play, Connect, and Build.


Think board games are irrelevant in the age of HD console blockbusters? Think again. Good gameplay starts here – at the basics. Come try something new. BoardGameCamp is about playing games, not just talking about them. We’ll have a library of classic board games for you to explore and play with, from well-worn table fillers to little-seen exotics. You are welcome – indeed, encouraged! To bring your own, and share them with new friends who are just as game-obsessed as you are. Be intrigued and inspired by new kinds of gameplay.


You know games better than we do. As well as playing games, BoardGameCamp will feature an unconference stream where you can talk about them and  learn something new from your discussions. That means there aren’t any spectators, only participants! The talks will be divided into eight 30-minute discussion slots, with a  break for lunch. The schedule of talks isn’t decided beforehand. Instead, the participants – that’s you! – get to write down what they want to talk about on The Board on the morning of the conference. Play a game, get inspired, talk about it with other gamers and game designers.


For the adventurous, we’ll have game-building materials available for a one-day game-creation competition. Find teammates on-site or bring a team ready-made.

GameCamp is a communal exercise: EVERYBODY is encouraged to join in. That means you should be prepared to give a talk, take part in a discussion, host a game, or build one. Running a session doesn’t mean you need to prepare a speech – see the rules – but you should have a reasonable grasp of the subjects you are interested in. If you’d like to host a game – especially one of the really cool exotic ones – you should bring a copy! This is a chance to try things out or test ideas, inspire people with something new.

There probably won’t be enough time for everyone to lead a talk or run a discussion, but you can join in just by taking part in the conversation or joining in a game.

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