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What’s Happening at GameCamp 9?

We don’t know! It’s an unconference, it’s a self-assembly event that’s built by everyone coming together on the day. Bring your own figurative Allen Key.

(Doors open at 9.30 for a 10.00 start; and at 5.30 we go to the pub.)

Having said that, here’s a few things we know will be taking place:

The noted games collective and GameCamp regulars will be bringing a selection of their experimental games to astound and delight you. In the main concourse, time to be announced.
Run What You Brung

Run What You Brung is a dedicated playtest and demonstration zone. If you’re working on a game – digital or tabletop – and want exposure or feedback, or just want to show off, this is a place for you to do exactly that. Bring what you need to run it and we’ll provide a table, a power supply and an audience. Drop us a line in advance and we’ll mention it on the website.

Game Library
A wide selection of board-games old and new for your delectation. Or bring your own favourites and you’ll be sure to find players.
Cat On Yer Head

Rob Davis is bringing his wildly popular and absurdly fun people-game Cat On Yer Head back to GameCamp. It’ll be running in the main concourse at 2pm.

Mary Hamilton and Grant Howitt are back in the UK and so is their arsenal of Nerf weaponry. Anyone who remembers their legendary emergent-gameplay Zombie LARP workshops at earlier GameCamps will be queueing up for this already.

The World Is Flat

Aubrey Hesselgren will be showing off his forthcoming game, with its amazing yoga-ball controller.

Not Fabulous Beasts!

The crew from Sensible Object will be demonstrating their amazing physical-digital hybrid board-game, which isn’t called Fabulous Beasts any more. Maybe they’ll reveal the new title at GameCamp?


As usual most GameCamp talks will be announced on the day, but we already know about the following:

  • Things will kick off at 10AM with ‘What Is GameCamp And How Can We?’ for newcomers to GameCamp and those who have forgotten it all since the last one.
  • Gamecamp veteran Tom Kitchin will be running a talk, discussion or possibly a furious argument on the subject of ‘Lordran Tourism Board: Designing a Dark Souls Easy Mode’.
  • GameCamp chair James Wallis will poll the wisdom of the crowd to create a list of ‘The Books About Games You Should Have Read’.
  • And literally hundreds more. Not literally. About fifty or sixty, usually. Still quite a lot.

If you’ve got a talk or anything else that you want to bring to GameCamp, let us know and we’ll add it to this page.


As well as the Big Board for scheduling talks and events, there will be a Game Board, for arranging sessions or playtests of games during the day, and a Contacts Board, where you can announce any projects you’re working on, put out a call for team-members for something you’re making, or volunteer your skills and services. All these will be close to the Big Board.


Your GameCamp ticket includes lunch, with plenty of options for vegetarians.


Once the event wraps up we’ll all adjourn to the Ship at 68 Borough Road, where the revels will continue.

Speaking at GameCamp

Anyone can arrange a talk at GameCamp. You don’t need to be an industry mogul, old-timer or expert, you just need something to say. We provide rooms and timeslots, you bring the subject, and people will turn up, listen and ask questions.

To schedule a talk, fill in one of the provided 6” x 4” index cards with details of what you want to talk about, and your name. Then choose a time-slot and room from the empty slots on the Big Board on the Concourse level, and put the card there. That’s all there is to it.

Talks at GameCamp are lo-fi: all you need is an interesting topic, a bit of knowledge, and the enthusiasm to talk about it. We don’t encourage AV or slides, or slick presentation techniques; we do encourage questions and interaction with the other attendees.


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