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GameCamp 8: key points

May 20, 2016

It’s GameCamp 8 today! If you’re coming, here are some key points:

NEW VENUE: The event is not where it was since GameCamp 4. We’re now in the London Road building of LSBU, just a few hundred metres from the old location, at 100-116 London Road, SE1 6LN. The entrance is up a big ramp, you can’t miss it.

TICKET: Please bring your ticket, either on paper or as a PDF. If you don’t have that, anything with proof of the name you used when you bought them (e.g. a credit card) will do.

NO TICKET? You can pay on the door. It’s £20 per person and we only accept cash.

TIMINGS: The doors open at 9.30 for a 10.00 start. Last talks start at 4.30, and we leave by 5.30 and head to the pub (the Ship on Borough Road). Lunch is served 12.30-2.00 and operates on a voucher system.

COFFEE: There is coffee available from a cafe on site.

TWITTER: Follow @gamecamp for updates, and use #gamecamp as the hashtag.

HELP: The GameCamp committee and volunteers will be wearing black baseball caps. If you have a question at any time, just find one of us and ask.



May 19, 2016

GameCamp 8 is this Saturday, 21st May 2016. Tickets will be on sale through Eventbrite until noon on Friday. It is possible to buy a ticket at the door but they’re more expensive at £20, and we can only accept cash.

Everything’s ready to go. A new location has brought new challenges but we think that the change has improved things all over.

Doors open at 9.30, and the first talks will start at 10.00. Some of the things that’ll be happening are described elsewhere on these pages.

We look forward to seeing you.

GameCamp 8: tickets on sale

April 15, 2016

Tickets for GameCamp 8 are now on sale at this Eventbrite page.

We’ve launched with 100 Early Bird tickets at a ludicrously low £12.50, with regular £17 ones to go on sale later this month. Tickets include all-day access to the event, lunch, the afterparty (we go to a pub, usually), whatever free game we give away on the door, and anything we can persuade a sponsor or backer to hand out for nowt.

We’ve moved location this year, away from the LSBU Keyworth Centre (home to GameCamps 4-7) a hundred metres west to LSBU’s London Road building, which is unsurprisingly on London Road. A different venue brings a different dynamic: we’ve got three auditoriums this time, as well as a bunch of smaller rooms for other sessions, and loads of break-out spaces and comfortable seating. The on-site cafe will be open all day, there’s a free lunch, and we are busy inviting people to come and do stuff in the exciting new surroundings.

There will be loads of updates here over the next few weeks, so check back regularly or follow us on Twitter (where we are unsurprisingly @GameCamp).

Go and buy some tickets, and we’ll see you in five weeks!

(If you’d prefer not to buy tickets then you can volunteer to help out on the day. This gets you free entry and lunch, and our undying gratitude. Drop us a line if you’re interested.)

GameCamp 8

April 7, 2016

GameCamp 8 will be on Saturday 21st May, in the London Road building of London South Bank University, from 9.30 to 5.30.

It will follow the unconference format of previous GameCamps, but with a few new twists. There will also be open-gaming, demo and ‘run what you brung’ areas, cool people and lots of stuff to do, see, discuss, play and enjoy.

Tickets will go on sale shortly, as well as a proper announcement, but mark your diary now.

We’d like your GameCamp 7 feedback

May 26, 2014
Feedback handlettered image

If you attended GameCamp 7, please take a moment to send us your feedback in a short survey here. It’ll help the GameCamp team understand what you love about GameCamp, what could be better, and we also invite your input for GameCamp 8 and other upcoming events! Thank you!

Happy Campers

May 23, 2014
140517 CatOnYerHead 1 small

Last weekend was GameCamp 7, and if you were there then thank you for helping to make it what we reckon was the largest and possibly the best GameCamp yet.

There were panels and workshops and discussions and seminars. There were live games and board-games and card-games and prototypes and demonstrations. There were meet-ups and connections and networks. There was a fantastic lunch—more than 50% of the ticket price goes into providing food and drink, and we think it’s worth it. There was a session in the pub that lasted long into the night. And there was a cat on yer head.

We gave away Kinder Eggs to everyone who came, 238 of them in all, and challenged you to invent a game that would fit inside the plastic capsule inside each one. We got almost twenty brilliant entries, and it was a hard decision to choose a winner but ‘Save the Leif Ericson’ by Robert Wells, a design of giant yellow submarines and matchstick catapults that used every part of the Kinder Egg except the chocolate, finally triumphed. Our sponsor Esdevium Games donated a selection of classy board-games as prizes for all the winners.

Thanks go to everyone who helped to make it an exceptional day. Particular thanks go to the extraordinary barista Al from Monkshood Coffee, who only agreed to provide our hot drinks at 17.00 on Friday afternoon (Charlotte’s machine blew up and she couldn’t get spare parts in time); and to the BA (Hons) Game Cultures course at London South Bank University for their hospitality.

There’s a Flickr group for pictures from the day—if you have any then please add them, because we’d love to see them. And feel free to tag people and the games they’re playing, if you know them.

If you’ve got comments we’d love to hear them. We think GameCamp is getting better every time but we know there are still problems, and if you can help us work out how to fix them then we’d welcome your input.

GameCamp will return later this year as the one-off Trance Vibrator event, co-organised with JoyPadBar. More news soon.

[UPDATE: Since people without Flickr accounts can’t see the photos, Emmeline’s GameCamp 7 photos can be viewed here.]

140517 Mini Game Jam 2 small

Advanced tickets are GONE

May 15, 2014

Advance tickets for GameCamp 7 are now OFF SALE. There are no more. We’re printing off lists and – well, we’re not making badges because we’re not that sort of event, but we need to lock sales so we can finalise the food order and work out how many [redacted] we need to buy to give away as you come in.

If you missed out then you can still come! You can pay on the door: it’s £20 to get in (cash only) though we can’t guarantee that you’ll get a [redacted]. (We will also have a few of the semi-legendary ‘Gamify the Washing Up’ tea-towels that we gave away at GameCamp 6, and we’ll be selling them for a fiver. Worth it, oh so worth it.)

See you on Saturday! Doors open 9.30, first talks at 10.00.